Neural Corrosion is an experimental/progressive rock studio project formed in december 2009 by Martin Mohyla from Orlová, Czech Republic. The project evolved from a small lo-fi experiment called Eclipsis (a five-track instrumental EP Entropia was compiled in 2007 from tracks recorded between 2005 and 2006 under the name but was never released publicly).

The main idea behind Neural Corrosion is fusing aspects of various music genres with traditional singer-songwriter song structure.

The debut album Freakshow was released in 2011 after a year and a half in the making when trying to figure out how to make things work and how to get the best results. The sonic side of the album was far from perfect but the experiences gained during the recording process were successfully used on the second album The Sound Of Footsteps which was finished six months after the release of Freakshow.

The Sound Of Footsteps is divided into two parts resembling the two sides of a vinyl record. The lyrical side of the record is based on a concept regarding supernatural, ghosts, haunted houses, ouija séances and afterlife - all in shorter and more focused yet still very experimental songs and eerie instrumentals.

After a year-long pause a two-track single The Constant was released. The title track is an acoustic orchestral instrumental with a cinematic atmosphere. The B-Side called The Randomness Of Life is a playful combination of vocal drones, 4/4 electronic beat and an acoustic instrumentation.

While working on the third Neural Corrosion album, a new project was born. Cairnem is an experimental instrumental sound design project based on processing and manipulation of organic and synthetic sources of sound.

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